BTT Octopus V1.1 USB connection problem

I have a Pi4 that I tried to connect to a BigTreeTech Octopus V1.1 board via the USB-C cable with Marlin 2.1.2.

What did you already try to solve it?
I tied every combination of serial port settings in Marlin. ( I mean every one, enabling one, two and three ports included.) Even disconnected the screen and tried only to get the board and Pi to communicate.
I also used a different cable to connect. Even tried using the USB_2 and USB_3 ports on the Pi.

I dont have logs, it will be too much.

ANY solution, suggestions?

I did connect the board and the Pi eventually, but not over USB_C cable. I enabled the Pi's Serial_1 and connected to the boards Serial_2 connection. It works, but would be cool to get the USB_C connection going....

The connection from the Pi to the printer is not a network issue.

You may ask the Marlin guys @ Marlin how to enable USB-C support.

I'm having a similar issue with mine. I just setup an Octopus V1.1 and even Pronterface fails to connect to it. I'm am plugging mine in with USB-C on the board to USB-B on my computer. The only other option would be USB-B to B...which is just weird to do. As far as I can find, serial 1 is the TFT/LCD and serial -1 is 'USB.' But this board has two possible USB options.
The computer does recognize the serial device and I am selecting the correct serial COM #.

I am sad that this is seen as Marlin "only" issue. I suspect Marlin is part of it. Sorry for the intrusion, just trying EVERYTHING to solve it.

Wolf, as for your connection to PC. I found that my Pi can detect the board, but not connect. I suspect an compatibility issue off the comms, but I don't have the knowledge to solve it. I suspect your USB-B to USB-B may have the same issue, but would be interesting to know, if you can find such cable.

I am have the same problem, any one figured it out yet? Can't find any info on this problem.

I have one of these boards and it works fine with OctoPrint.

The USB-B connection on the board is intended to be used as a way to connect a USB thumb drive or similar as an additional or alternative storage for the sdcard, for gcode files. You wouldn't use it to connect.

You do need to use the USB-C port. It does need to be configured as #define SERIAL_PORT -1.

For linux (ie. OctoPi), you also need to add /dev/ttyACM* to 'Additional serial ports' in OctoPrint's Serial Connection settings:

Unlike boards with a USB-Serial chip, these boards do not show up as /dev/ttyUSB* but instead /dev/ttyACM*. I'll bet this is why at least some of the posters here are having issues.

Hmm, something might be broken here if you have to do this - OctoPrint should show /dev/ttyACM* on it's own without adding it to additional serial ports. It uses this regex:

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Good to know. I remember having to add it, but perhaps I was just impatient in refreshing?

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