[bug] action:resume after M600 function

What is the problem?
My printer run Octoprint with firmware Marlin, in some tests, I see one problem in how Octoprint "resume" after the Marlin filament change.
Yesterday I update to the last Octoprint hoping to resolve this bug, but not.

How to replicate:
Printer settings:

  • LCD2004
  • Marlin firmware:
  • ACTION_ON_PAUSE "pause"
  • ACTION_ON_RESUME "resume"

1 - Start print;
2 - Cut filament to trigger the runout sensor;
3 - Sensor triggered, auto park head.
4 - Wait the filament runout "M600" proceduce;
5 - M600 send ACTION_ON_PAUSE and Octoprint work with this command.
6 - Replace filament;
7 - In LCD, set to continue and purge filament..
8 - Continue print.

In step 8, the firmware send ACTION_ON_RESUME to Octoprint.. But here is the problem!!!
Whats happen:
8a - Firmware resume position XYZ;
8b - Firmware restart print and send resume ---- But Octoprint dont resume with action resume..
8c - Octoprint continue in pause state.
8d - Octoprint wait to user click in interface Resume button.

What is expected
After I resume in LCD.. Octoprint need resume the print with ACTION_ON_RESUME from firmware.

1 - It's a bug?
2 - I need install one plugin to get it work? What is the best?
3 - Octoprint will auto resume with resume in future?

Thank you.

Please provide the required logs.
What Marlin Version do you run?
Are there any entries in the GCode script section?

Firmware Marlin 2.0

I cleaned the log files and ran the test. No log file was generated.

terminal tab
Send: N5260 G1 X144.798 Y154.616 E58.21488111
Recv: ok
Send: N5261 G1 X144.945 Y154.282 E58.22163106
Recv: echo:enqueueing "M600"
Recv: //action:pause
Pausing on request of the printer...
Changing monitoring state from "Printing" to "Pausing"
Recv: T:215.47 /215.00 B:100.18 /100.00 @:70 B@:43
Recv: echo:busy: processing
Recv: T:214.88 /215.00 B:100.20 /100.00 @:81 B@:39
Recv: echo:busy: processing
Recv: T:216.09 /215.00 B:100.00 /100.00 @:49 B@:71
Recv: echo:Insert filament and press button (or M108)
Recv: echo:busy: paused for user
Recv: T:215.78 /215.00 B:99.93 /100.00 @:58 B@:83
Recv: echo:busy: processing
Recv: T:213.19 /215.00 B:100.02 /100.00 @:105 B@:53
Recv: echo:busy: processing
Recv: T:213.56 /215.00 B:100.01 /100.00 @:98 B@:63
Recv: //action:resume
Resuming on request of the printer...
Recv: ok
Send: N5262 M40020
Recv: ok
Send: N5263 M11421
Recv: X:144.94 Y:154.28 Z:0.40 E:58.22 Count A:47876 B:-1494 Z:686
Recv: ok
Send: N5264 M117 Print paused*86
Recv: ok
Changing monitoring state from "Pausing" to "Paused"
Recv: T:214.06 /215.00 B:100.04 /100.00 @:89 B@:59
Recv: T:214.19 /215.00 B:100.08 /100.00 @:90 B@:52
Recv: T:214.69 /215.00 B:100.10 /100.00 @:83 B@:50

I've open a potencial bug report in github: https://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint/issues/2955