Camera not working

hi everyone, i've been playing around with octoprint lately and at first i got almost everything to work , camera included. after toying a bit with the camera that i had( fisheye noIR clone) i think i managed to break it since i could no longer get any feed from it. so i bought a legit raspberry noir 2 cam and connected it to the same pi 3b+ but no luck. after this i thought i had a faulty cable so i bought another cable and still no luck and now i have got a whole new pi 3 b+ and flashed a new sd card with the latest octopie and still no camera feed... i am at my wits end , both cameras dont work on both pi 3 with both cables but i sudo vcgencmd get_camera outputs supported=1 detected=0 with both cameras... do i need a new camera ? any ideas? everything else works fine

anyone ? i tried flashing a new image even on a new sd card, got new cables and new cameras and i still cant get it to work