Camera on Windows Setup

Recently moved from a PI setup with a PI Camera to a Windows setup. But now I miss my camera. I have a Logitech C270 I used for awhile with my PI. Wouldn't mind using it, but am open to using a different camera, maybe something with a better resolution. So have a few questions for those hosting on Windows with a Camera.

What Camera are you using on your windows setup?

What software are you using to make it work with Octoprint? Would prefer not to use YawCAM, hoping to find another solution.

YawCam is the only application I've ever seen mentioned for running on windows. You can basically run anything that will provide a pure mjpg stream accessible by a url. Another option would be to set-up a pi zero for the camera stream.

I too am looking for this setup will be following your post.

So just a quick search on google it seems there are some options, all untested or verified for security, etc.