Camera-streamer and ffmpeg

Hi there,

I have just a short and (I think) simple question.
I have installed OctoPi with the new camera stack and everything works fine, raspberry pi cam stream is visualized correctly in Octoprint webinterface.
By verifying the "Webcam & Timelapse" Settings in Octoprint I saw that ffmpeg is still used, is this the correct setup to use camera-streamer? (I was expecting some camera-streamer config and not still ffmpeg stuff):

Thank you!

As I understand it, ffmpeg is used to convert multiple snapshots into a timelapse video and camera-streamer is used to collect the snapshots.

Ok, so those are two different systems. It is ok for ffmpeg to show up in the octoprint config even if camera-streamer ist used to fetch the camera data

Yes, because it is a separate system - it's for the timelapse. It's never been used for streaming, old stack or new stack.

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