Camera streaming on the network even when not viewed

Camera stream is sent even when not actively viewed

I'm running the latest OctiPrint, on 4 different RPi (all model 4B), various camera models and brands. I'm pretty sure (but not 100%) that as of some upgrade, the camera streams have started to be sent regardless if I'm viewing the camera or not.

What I'm observing is that even in e.g. the Filemanager tab, my RPi's are constantly streaming video. If I close the browser window, the camera stream traffic goes away. This is observed using "tcpdump" on the RPi itself.

We are talking a pretty significant amount of traffic flying on the WiFi here, if I leave all 4 printers in the file manager tab. Obviously I can close the windows completely to avoid this.

I'm also not 100% certain if this is a regression or not, but I noticed this only recently, observed about 500GB of data being sent fom these four machines over night (looking at my UDMPro graphs). Viewing the "Command & Control" tab obviously also streams the video, which is why I generally move away to the "Filemanager" tab when not actively viewing the streams.

Please try it again in safe mode
It could be caused by a plugin.

Almost the same behavior. I did notice (in Safe mode) that there's no streaming until I go to the "Control" tab, but once I've done that, the streaming never stops even when switching to any of the other tabs which are not showing the camera.

This is not the behavior I see when running in normal mode, where any tab / view will constantly (and immediately) stream the video. So turning off all the plugins is different, but still not what I would expect (I think?).

What browser are you using to view the OctoPrint UI?

Safari has a bug that means that unloading the webcam stream is not possible. It should work on most other browsers however.

Plugins could be keeping a stream loaded - for example UI customizer, which moves the stream to the sidebar - other plugins are able to manipulate it and it might end up with them streaming to something all the time.

Ah, interesting. Yeh, I'm using quite a few plugins, including the "Dashboard" plugin. Let me start turning some of these off and see if anything changes!


Hmmm, yeh I can't seem to identify which of the plugins causes the slight difference. In Safe Mode it's better, but still weird. Oh well, just have to remember to close the OctoPrint browser windows :).

Thanks for the suggestions!

Yeh, so seems to be numerous issues:

  1. In Safe Mode, Edge (and Chrome) works fine, streams disconnect. In Safari, it will start the streams only in the "Control" tab as expected, but streams do not disconnect (the Safari bug I imagine).
  2. In normal mode, the streams starts immediately upon going to OctoPrint, even though no Camera view is enabled. This happens regardless of browsers, be it Safari or Chrome. The streams never stops in either browser either, even when moving out of the Control / camera tab.
  3. It seems that there must be a plugin or some interaction with a plugin that's causing the issue in Normal Mode, but I can not figure out which one. I've tried disabling the most suspicious ones, to no avail.

At least you can see your cameras. Since updating Octoprint, I can't see my cameras or connect to my printers......NONE of the 3. Might as well just delete it.