Camera Test Failed

WebCam model: SYS-403

I followed the procedure shown in this video

I got struck at testing my webcam. Its not getting detected.

Although i can see the stream in control tab.

I am attaching all the logs available to understand my problem. (36.8 KB)

I tried using http://REDACTED-PUBLIC-IP-ADDRESS:8080/

I am using OctoPrint 1.3.12 running on OctoPi 0.17.0
Printer: Creality CR10 V2
Firmware : Tiny Machines
Raspberry Pi 4 ( Connected through WiFi )

The Pi itself has a local camera (presumably) attached to it. So you should attempt to connect to the camera within its own interface via as an IP address.

From your workstation, try to visit to see if you can view the webcam remotely. If you try to use your router's public IP address that's not going to work (and shouldn't). You don't want any of your private IP addresses forwarded/routed to the Internet for security reasons.

Perhaps your webcam is not on port 8080? Try the following url for your base address

then try the following for your snapshot address template


See if that helps.