Camera with login not working

What is the problem?
I'm using octoprint on windows.

camera with login not working, when disable login its working well
but I don't want to use open cam on the internet.

my link to cam is- http://username:password@ipaddress:8081/video
from anywhere working well but not from octoprint
I got this error -
" Webcam stream not loaded
It might not be configured correctly or require authentication. You can change the URL of the stream under "Settings" > "Webcam & Timelapse" > "Webcam" > "Stream URL". If you don't have a webcam you can also just disable webcam support there."

and when I tap on the link under this massage its opens in chrome and working, but not in octoprint snapshot working without any problem.

i try everything but nothing works for me.
and google is my best friend but now I'm really stuck. :grinning:

please help me someone. :pleading_face:

It might be the browser blocking it on security grounds. They decided that embedding external resources (especially with http, not https) and having the username/password easily visible in the page was not very secure.

Try opening the browser console, it should report a more specific error as to why it didn't load. Can be accessed with F12 or ctrl-shift-j usually.

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