Can filament-runout detect, lost power resume, etc work with Octoprint?

I have an Amycubic Predator and it seems like if I run Octoprint, then the filament runout detector won't work. Also, I have an Elegoo Neptune coming that not only has a filament runout detector, but a power loss resume. I assume that won't work with Octoprint.

Is there a way to make those work or will I have to decide between running Octoprint and having those features?

Are you having any issues getting your Neptune to work with Octoprint? I can't seem to get mine to connect properly. It will connect sometimes when it wants and then it doesn't seem very responsive. I am able to control the Z axis, but if I click any other controls such as X/Y axis, fans on/off, etc. it just freezes up and no response.

I've tried with Astroprint as well and it doesnt recognize the Elegoo Neptune at all.

I am assuming NO since I can't find an answer to this and no one has replied. If you value your prints DO NOT use Octoprint. It has ruined 2 projects 1 a 15 day 2 spool at the end of spool 1 (No run out sensor) and 1 17 day print 2.5 spools at 129 hrs (no resume on power loss).

I have a Anycubic Chiron that has both resume on power fail and run out sensor.
Can't stress it enough DO NOT use if you value your prints.

I can't be home to watch them all the time so I figured hey I'll try this I can get a live stream and control the printer from my phone boy was I wrong. You have to have one of Astroprints recommended USB cameras (expensive) to make that work. You can only get stills with the Pi cam. Can't control it unless you are on the same network. That means your home wifi where your printer and Octoprint are.

Octoprint cannot read where the printer is on power loss and evidently can't read the run out sensor. So nope Octoprint is in the scrap pile with the ruined prints. I'll find something else to use my RPi for.

Hey @gcarlyle22, I appreciate you may have had some issues, and are quite frustrated with the experience, but I would like to address some of the points you mention since I believe they can be solved to an extent.

I'm not sure where this comes from. OctoPi itself (well, mjpg_streamer) will work on a wide range of webcams, and that's only a small fraction, since it depends on people reporting that they work. I also know many people use Raspberry Pi cameras that work just fine. I wonder why you suggest 'AstroPrint' cameras, which is not connected to the OctoPrint project other than using a bit of its code themselves, in their project.

There are several plugin solutions for this, that make this secure. OctoPrint Anywhere (now bundled with TSD), NGROK, OctoPrint Everywhere, probably more I can't remember just now. Just don't do it unsecured, please!

This is correct, and due to the way 3D printers work, it cannot resume even if it tried to recover itself, due to multiple buffers on the printer side making it impossible to know where the printer is when the power goes out. Not OctoPrint's fault, but a limitation of any USB host software.

It can, but the firmware must be capable of reporting the data. In Marlin FW, this means enabling 'Host Action Commands' and 'Host Prompt Support'. Otherwise the host (OctoPrint) cannot know.

Please, ask for help if you need it. There are loads of helpful people here that would reply, more on the discord server, we solve loads of issues daily. We can't help unless you ask, and you would get answers to your questions.