Can I reset the web camera during a print?

I was checking my web camera and unplugged the usb from the raspberry pi and plugged it back in. I didn't think anything about it and started a new (kinda long) print and then noticed the camera was not active. Is there anyway I can reset the camera during a print?

You should be able ssh in and restart the service. That will do the trick. What service you are using and the exact command will depend on how you installed the steamer. I have done this before myself.

For me its:

sudo systemctl stop mjpg-streamer.service
sudo systemctl start mjpg-streamer.service

After restarting it you will also need to then do a hard refresh of your browser tab. Ctl+F5

Not sure which service. The url path is: /webcam/?action=stream
I tried the first sudo command and it said the unit mjpg-streamer.service not loaded

I tried another command "sudo service webcamd restart" and that worked!


sudo systemctl restart camera-streamer

Works with the new camera stack as of OctoPi 1.9.0.


This just worked for me " sudo systemctl restart camera-streamer"

Thanks much, will use it frequently.