Can I set enclosure temperature per filament?

In PrusaSlicer (and I suspect other slicers) you can set start and stop GCodes for each filament. It would seem very handy if you could set enclosure temperature for each filament automatically.

I don't think there is a plugin for that.
But if you're printing the same thing more then once with different filaments I would suggest to create a gcode for each filament

There are several GCODE commands to control the chamber environment:


I don't understand. My point was that it's possible to tie desired enclosure temperature to filament type. I propose using Prusaslicer option to set start GCode to either have the Pi control the temperature or pass on the desired temperature to stand alone hardware (serially perhaps)

Yes thats the sort of thing. How are these GCode (1st and 3rd particularly) currently handled by Octoprint?

The OctoPrint-Enclosure plugin would be optimal for this, but I don't think that the author already implemented these commands.
You may launch a query at his github.

My idea was to include the enclosure temperature in the start gcode of certain filaments and then just slice it multiple times.
So for example you get a filname_abs.gcode and a filename_pla.gcode.
Then you print the one for your filament type.

I fixed your subject line. "Is this already implimented in Octoprint?" is pretty much meaningless.


Thanks, couldn't think of a title.

I think you may be thinking of something else. I just want to prevent starting a print with an inappropriate encloseure temp. PrusaSlicer has an individual profile for each filament and within that profile allow you to specify GCodes to be sent on start and finish.

Just looked at the recommended plugin and voila "Use custom Gcode to control enclosure temperature"

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