OctoPrint-Enclosure, questions re GCode and implementation

Hi vitormhenrique, I'm very new to everything 3d so be gentle with me. Unfortunately I can't run your plugin (waiting for printer and using Octoprint on PC to gain experience) so some things that are obvious, aren't.

I'm interested in automatically setting enclosure temp automatically per filament see here.

I have a couple of questions. In the Thingiverse page you have some pictures (which I can't figure how to post here). 8746c044a99822b0e7eab493118b6efb_preview_featured show the bulk of the electronics, the Pi and a relay board but what is the other device?

In the Wiki you have a section on GCode Control but what actual GCode do I send? Or do I literally send "ENC ......" and not "G??? ...."?