Can I skip login on local screen?


I have just installed OctoPi on my RPI 3B with a 7" touch screen, and also installed the local desktop. The intention is to run it with a UM2+.

After rebooting the pi, first thing that pops up is a login screen. Since it is the local screen, there's no need for a login. Is there any way to skip the login on the local screen?

If not, the next issue is that there is no screen-keyboard popping up. Is there a possibility to have that and how would I get it to appear?


Doesn't remembering the login credentials work?

In config.yaml if you set the following it should bypass the login.

  autologinAs: admin 
  autologinLocal: true 

You could just disable the Force Login plugin.

Small addendum to that, localNetworks should default to sensible values already that should cover most residential setups and should not need to be set. Your version there leaves out a bunch of private network options :wink:

Thanks, I'll have a look into that!

I didn't know or take the time to look what the defaults were and figured the more restrictive the better.