Can i use a camera that is not supportet? solved

Camera model

jellycomb W02 1080P HD Webcam Basic

What is the problem?

not supported
so my question is can i manipulate anything to use this webcam ?

How do you know it's not supported? Have you tried it?

There is a "known working" list of cameras in this forum, but it relies on people updating the list themselves when they know their camera doesn't work. It's not a finite list of cameras that work.

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on the list is nothing listed from jelly comb. I pluged the webcam in and there is still clasic cam and camera loading.

You have to do more than just plug it in.

You'll have to set up the configuration for your camera depending upon which camera stack you are using.

The FAQs and "New Webcam Streamer" posts detail the process.

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