Can I use octoprint with my raspberry pi 3b in my flashforge finder lite?

What is the problem?

The way you print on the finder lite is really bad, you have to plug a sd in and out to do anything. i was hoping there would be a way to integrate the raspberry pi into my printer so I can use octoprint instead. anyone know if this is possible. and if so, how?

edit: the only way to connect to the printer is via the sd port, I can solder if I need to connect to the motherboard, but I just don't know where to connect the wires to

What did you already try to solve it?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


If there is no USB port, you will probably struggle.

I'm not familiar with the printer exactly, but in theory if you were to connect to a UART set of pins you could start communicating with the board. However, the firmware on the printer is also unlikely to support communication like this if it didn't have a usb port already, so you'd also need to find some alternative firmware to flash to it.

I have a Finder and I just upload the print file directly in Flashprint through WiFi. Once you slice the STL you get 4 icons. The right one is upload. There is an option then to find the printer (doesn't work for me), but I can enter it's IP address and upload that way.

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