can not update v1.3.9


can not be updated


Can you share the two files mentioned in the box on the top right with us here?


I am a beginner
Where do I find these files ??


OctoPrint -> Settings -> Logging

Then click on the download link's icon next to each of the two files.


Here are these filesoctoprint.log (193.6 KB)
plugin_softwareupdate_console.log (67.1 KB)


It was trying to pull tornado-4.5.3.tar.gz and failed enough times that it choked. Either it lost its network connection during all that or it had difficulty installing from the tarball by asking itself for it locally.

I'm not sure how to interpret that error.

Personally, I would start over from a fresh OctoPi download and re-install (because I'm like that). Someone else may have different advice for you. @foosel


Thank you. I'm trying to reinstall Octoprint


still the same mistake. installs the Octoprint 1.3.9 manually?


Did you install the OctoPi image and follow the instructions?