Can octoprint be used to run a ploter but only on week days... ill explain

for a class project we are trying to build a sand plotter to put on display and we only want it to run week days.
we havent even been able to think of a solution but octoprint seemed capable

its a home built x and y axis running on a arduino/grbl with a raspberry pi running the latest octoprint over a noobs install. is there anyway to have it run through a few gcode files contentiously and still maintain the octo print functionality?

Assuming that you have the extruder-as-sand-dispenser part figured out, it sounds like you'd also need a sweeper mechanism which would clear the bed after each print job. In theory, you could trigger this from an M40 eject command if your Marlin version supports it.

Here is a thread in which someone is discussing a printer farm with continuous printing but I don't see any references to what they actually did.

AstroPrint probably has a queuing mechanism, from what I've heard.

I will say that it shouldn't be difficult to write something which uses the REST API to send a series of jobs after each are finished (given that your EJECT PART needs aren't as difficult to solve as the rest of use who are trying to do FDM of plastic.)

It doesn't extrude sand it just uses a magnet to drag a ball bearing through sand. I'll look in to Astro print though