Can only access using direct i.p address

Unable to access Octopi.Local in web browser

Tried re-booting the Pi after checking for updates, restarted my computer and rebooted my Router

Raspberry Pi 3 B using Wifi, fully updated and WAS connecting using Octopi.Local for almost a month with zero issues

What about just http://octopi ? Does that work?

yes, that address works, but my Octoprint Cura plugin doesn't see the printer anymore, i'm guessing because of that address change

Well you could reinstall bonjour and maybe octopi.local starts working again or you could just manually add the octoprint server with its hostname or ip in cura

Both Cura and OctoPrint use a pure-python implementation of zero-conf, so reinstalling bonjour will not help in the communication between the two.

Installing the Bonjour service on windows may help in getting the octopi.local address to work in the browser.

If octopi (without .local) works in the browser, you can manually Add the OctoPrint instance with that address in the Connect to OctoPrint dialog.

You might consider issuing a static IP address for the Pi in your DHCP server (router) and then adding a hosts entry in Windows for it. Then it should work for Cura, the browser and PuTTY as well. Add two entries like:        octopi octopi.local

You'd need to do this from an Administrator promotion on the cmd.exe shell and then something like start notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts just so that you can write to the file to make changes. Having done so, nbtstat -R to reload the NETBIOS over TCP/IP and you should be able to ping octopi.local for the win.

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I saw you solution and thought it was much better than running Bonjour, oddly enough nbtstat it didn't seem to be valid command. But Everything says there's a nbtstat.exe in c:\windows\system32 which is in my path.

Did a quick google and found this The upshot being that if you type cmd into Start menu search, nbtstat will run in the resultant command window. Weird huh?

Edit. I should have said that this is specifically a Win 7 (and I suspect 8) x64 problem, x86 runs NBTSTAT normally.

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