Can you disable Print Queue


Is there a way to disable the print queue ?
So far from my own stupidity and inpatience I've destroyed a Petsfang Bulseye, Temp sensor wire ripped off with over printed fillament arounf the hotend on my Ender 3 buy accidently sending a print to the printer twice. This seems to have happened at least 3 times since getting my printer 6 days ago,


You're talking about the Print Queue plugin? You could always remove it.


No i have no Print queue or Octoprint-Print-Queue in my plugins, it's when i cancel a download and then print it again in cura that it queues 2 but i dont see it and it just shows the time to print doubled.


You're going to have to share a lot more information. This doesn't even make sense, unless it's something Cura does.


ok, I have the octoprint plugin in cura , i slice a model, it starts printing ans says for instance 1 hour to print, sometings not quit right so i click cancel in the octoprint web interface. I sort it out, but stupidly i dont click print in the web interface (as i'm SUPER forgetful) i reclick print with octoprint in cura it resends to octoprint BUT it shows one thing printing at 2 hours to print, it finished the first one, i forget (story of my life) and then it trys to print again and i only remember when i hear all the comotion of the belt clicking/slipping when it gets stuck on the old print( as you can tell i have no problem of bed adheasion).


This is a bug in the Cura plugin that I fixed this week. I’ll publish a fixed version of the plugin to the Marketplace soon.


Could you test this version of the plugin?
Just drop the downloaded file into a running Cura window, and restart Cura.


thanks for the reply, I'll try it sa soon as my current print job has finnished, also if there's anything else you want me to test just ask.


Ok did the same procedute, sliced, print to octoprint in cura, clicked stop, then clicked print to octoprint in cura again and SUCCESS,
Thank you.
As I said if there's anything else you need testing just ask.


Thanks for testing. The fix has been incorporated in a new official release available through the Marketplace.