Can you record Octolapse AND remote monitor from the same camera?

Hello Everyone,

I'm preparing to start my 3D printing hobby, and I was curious if it's possible to simultaneously create an Octolapse video and stream the webcam feed for remote monitoring purposes?

My gut says this is probably an "either / or" kind of answer, but I can't find the right words to search this on google and find an answer. I doubt I'm the first one to ask this too.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom!

I've had no problems with mine. I've had to refresh the page every now and then, but I can view and capture without much issue.

Computer - Raspberry Pi2
Camera - Raspberry Camera
Printer - QIDI X-Maker

You could try something else to watch the stream.
Maybe you can get it more stable with an other viewer.
Vlc or cura for example.

Nah. It's not critical to me to have a constant stream opened up. It has its wifi camera as well that I could use.