Cancelling job seems never ending

What is the problem?
With respect to my previous post about temperature errors with gcode is uploaded from internet, I also face additional issue.
Whenever I try to cancel a job, the octoprint interface is properly updated and seems to start cancellation.
However, it never finishes. Also from what I see, the temperature does not does down.

What did you already try to solve it?
Physical shutdown of the printer ! The power outlet of the printer is controlled from my Domoticz server !

Additional information about your setup
OctoPrint version 1.3.11,
OctoPi version: 0.60,
printer: Alfawise U30, latest firmware,
octoprint.log :octoprint.log (15.5 KB)

The printer is in the process of heating the bed or the hot end. It can not respond to the cancel code until it finishes what it is doing (heating up the bed or the hot end.) If you are in a hurry, after you cancel, use the disconnect button on the interface, once disconnected, power cycle the printer so it stops heating, then reconnect. This is not a bug, this is a serial connections so nothing can happen until first code is done.

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Thanks. This makes sense. One command after the other.
The pity in my case, is it won't finish. 400°c would never be reached!
At least now, I now it was useless to wait in such case.

You can try sending an M108 - if the firmware has EMERGENCY_PARSER enabled (at least for Marlin) it should stop waiting for heating and allow the cancel to proceed.

Note that OctoPrint 1.3.11+ will even automatically send M108 on cancel if said capability is reported by the firmware (and you haven't disabled that behaviour).

That is a very much appreciated addition to OctoPrint. Thank you very much!