Cannot connect raspberry pi 2 to wifi with tp-link tl-wn823n

Hi guys im a new user of a raspberry pi 2
the problem i am having is i cannot connect to the wifi
i am using a tp-link tl-wn823n usb adapter
i have searched and can find loads relating to the raspberry pi 3
i was thinking that i need to install the driver for the usb adapter but can find no information on this set up using octopi..
any help that anyone could give would be great

Wouldn't it be easier to use a Raspberry Pi 3B (which has wifi support built-in)?


probably but i have a raspberry 2 and a tp-link usb adapter

So chase the drivers, as linked.

this is the first time i have used a raspberry pi so im not sure what you mean by chasing the driver.
also im not sure how to install the driver on the raspberry pi

Here is the driver
and @OutsourcedGuru posted a link how to compile and install the driver

Thank you I will try this tonight.

hi @OutsourcedGuru i have tried to follow the link you sent me but i just don't know w hat im doing

The link I provided is a support thread for Raspbian with respect to third-party USB-based network dongles. This really has nothing to do with OctoPrint, right?

i am trying to understand something which is completely new to me.
I'm sorry for not understanding..i have never used linux before and am finding it quite difficult
i have bought an ender 3 3D printer and it came with the raspberry pi 2 which i have managed to install octopi on it using a ethernet cable to connect to the internet.I thought it would be easier to use a usb adapter to connect to the wifi..i am now however thinking it may be easier for me just to use a long ethernet cable.

You bought a printer from Creality 3D, you bought a Raspberry Pi 2 from who-knows, you bought a wifi dongle from TP-Link but you didn't really buy anything from foosel (OctoPrint).

When I buy something from a vendor—if I do need support—I go to that vendor rather than anyone else on the Internet who might know what's going on. As you're learning, it's probably a pain in the butt to try to install (compile) a third-party driver for Linux (Raspbian in this case). As I said in the first post, it would be easier for you (if you're not a coder) to just buy the new entry-level Pi that already has wifi support. You're consuming labor of your own and ours and this is worth money. I know that I sound like a businessman and I am. I've learned to optimize things. I hope you don't think that I'm mean for not solving your problems.

i bought the printer from someone and the raspberry came with it. if it is a problem to you to try and help me then don't..forgive my ignorance but i thought this was a forum where people could come for help..
thank you for your time!!

It's cool. Perhaps someone else would like to walk you through it.

If you got some specific questions I'll try to help you but I can't guide you through everything if only because I don't own this wifi card.

Where did you get stuck?

its ok i dont want to take up anyone else time..
I will use an ethernet cable for now then probably purchase a raspberry pi 3
thanks for the help!!

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I used a RaspberryPi 2 for quite a while but recently purchased a 3b and to be honest I can't tell the difference.

If you are unfamiliar with the RaspberryPi I would recommend that you get it going with Rasbian and use it as a computer. I used one for a while with TP-link wifi without any special drivers and it worked fine. Then when you are comfortable with it look on Youtube for a 'how to' load Octopi video. There are several good ones. It's not as hard to get Octopi working as you think. Good luck and feel free to contact me if needs be. Not everyone on here is an elitist.