Cannot connect to Octoprint Server via browser (ssh works)

What is the problem? After installing a second webcam I cannot connect to the Octoprint server through the web interface anymore. I am running Octoprint 1.8.1 with octopi version 0.18.0. However accessing the PI via ssh works fine.

What did you already try to solve it? I worked back through the configruation settings done for the second webcam an set them back to the origingal

Logs (syslog, dmesg, ... no logs, no support) I cannot see any log telling me what's wrong. Is there any specific I should look at?

Additional information about your network (Hardware you are trying to connect to, hardware you are trying to connect from, router, access point, used operating systems, ...) The Pi is connected via LAN as well as WLAN. I get IPs for both. I can access Octoprint via ssh on both LAN and WLAN. So I don't think it's an real netwrok problem, rather a messed up configuration. I have installed Octoprint on a raspberry 4b with 5" TFT. I can work on the TFT and communicate with the printer, however, cannot upload files anymore, of course.

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