Cannot get it to show progress

What is the problem?
My octoprint won't time-lapse because it won't show me anything for time or progress. See photos

What did you already try to solve it?
Downloaded the convert tf to SD. Checked SD thing. See photo

I've tried following some YouTube videos and tried reflashing using octoprints directions. It's a pi 4. I'm a bit of a noob so I'm unsure how else to do this.

On that picture you're either not printing or the printers firmware doesn't tell octoprint that you started a print. The state should look like this if a print was started (and detected in your case)
Bildschirmfoto vom 2021-08-10 10-43-28

If you're printing from sd card octoprint got limited options because your printer doesn't send the whole gcode back while printing and even if it did some stuff like the gcode viewer needs post processing.

So you should get some kind of progress (byte based), no gcode viewer and only timer based snapshots.

May I ask why you don't just print via octoprint?

Good to know. Thank you.
It's just easier to upload onto the SD card after using cura. Then just check level preheat all that at once. I'm trying to learn octoprint and my pi more to switch over.
Now that I know what you've told me.
Now I just need to figure out how to slice stuff on my android easily. Can't seem to work astroprint. And the slicer function in octoprint doesn't load anything?
Doesn't help that it disconnects randomly if I'm not also connect with the same wifi my pi is connect to.
Rambles, sorry.

There's a plugin for Cura that will connect to OctoPrint, and upload your gcode straight there so you can print it.

As for slicing in OctoPrint, it's not used as much now as it used to be. You would first need to install a slicer plugin in OctoPrint to use it. Desktop slicers are so much more advanced & will connect directly to OctoPrint themselves that development of slicer plugins has not really happened much.

Not worked with Astroprint either, but the best thing I know of for an online/mobile slicer is probably the Gridspace Kiri:Moto Slicer, accessed directly or embedded in the OctoPrint UI with a plugin

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