Cannot login over LAN

Cannot be logged into over local LAN.
On Login-Website of Octoprint via WLAN
putting the user and pass into, but still staying
on this login-site not coming to the main site
of octoprint (only via WLAN within local network)

Restarted Octoprint on Raspi, shutdown then newstart,
same problem.

Can you connect over SSH? can you find its IP address from your DHCP service?. Getting onto the command line on the Pi means you can fix accounts / check that all the services are running. The default password is raspberry, just like Raspbian, unless you've changed it - hint you SHOULD, if you haven't already. First thing I do is log onto the Pi over SSH and change the password - then set up SSH keys so I don't NEED the password, unless using sudo on Octopi, which doesn't put the pi user into sudoers.

thank you very much for fast help.

Today all working perfect. I can log into octopi from other devices. Also ssh i can also log into with putty all services running well. Maybe perhaps the problem was, because i had too long time the system on over nights did nothing dont know exactly why.

I know such a similar problem of getting a free ssh port/channel to login on another raspberry where my garden watering software is running.

Ok so far my octopi is working well

all ok.

Thanks a lot