Cannot print from Cura

Hi, I just updated to 1.10.0. I use the OctoPrint plugin for Cura to send the GCODE to OctoPrint and then start the print.
For security reasons I use a seperate OctoPrint user "cura". I copied its API key from the webinterface to the Cura plugin.

I was able to print from Cura up to the last version of OctoPrint (1.9.3). With 1.10.0 the GCODE gets uploaded to OctoPrint then Cury reports that the actual API-Key has no permission to start a print. I have to manually start it on the OctoPrint Webinterface.

I doublechecked the users' permissions, "Print" is allowed to the user.

Try to add an application api key and use that one

I had to create a new user (with the same rights) and add an application key to the new user, this put it to work again.

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