Cannot print from OctoPrint

After I got my Creality Cloud to link up I can see my printer and when it is printing. I can see my progress and a lot more useful information. The problem I have now is when I try to print via the web interface. I see all my files are visible that is on the SDCard, I click on [Load and Print], and the state is Operational. There is a Resend ratio, which just goes up past 100. 0 / 101 (0%) So I am not sure if that behaves the way it should. Clicking on Print the state changes from "Printing From SD", "Cancelling" to "Operational" in less than 2 seconds.

I rebooted my printer and PI, with no change in what is happening. (316.1 KB)

I am running MARLIN FW 2.0.1

Have you tried safe mode as it was asked in the template?

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When I rebooted in Safe Mode it does not allow me any printing. The state just says

I sliced a file and uploaded the Gcode. The print option is not available.


Is the firmware original Creality or 3rd party?

I am running MARLIN FW 2.0.1, after shutting down everything and rebooting I got a print to go through via OctoPrint in Safe Mode.

Now everything is working smooth! All my prints are working, I can pause and do quite a few things already. So it seems that rebooting it is a must and I changed [Firmware & Protocol] and enabled Wait for [Start on Connect] to true.

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