Cannot Upload any Files

I have previously used OctoPrint successfully but when I tried today I am now getting a new error. Whenever I try to upload a file the progress bar completes but I then get an error message:

Upload Failed - Could not upload the. Make sure that it is a valid file with one of these extensions: .g, .gco, .gcode, .stl

I have tried different files and have rebooted several times to no avail.

I am running Octoprint 1.3.8 with an Anet A8 running Marlin. The SD card failed and I have been using Octoprint as the only method of printing 3D files.

Any help would be appreciated.

Plug your Pi in with a standard Ethernet cable and see if it now works. If so, then something's going on with your wifi.

Yes I did read that it could be a WiFi issue. I plugged the Pi into a switch using an Ethernet Cable and this did not help. The switch is connected to a PowerLine Home Plug and the connects to my Mac (there is no Ethernet to my wksp so I rely on a PowerLine Network).

I may try connecting both the Pi and the Macbook to the switch with Ethernet.

And to confirm, you're trying to upload a something.gcode file? It would help to know which browser you're trying. You might try repeating this experiment in Safe Mode.

Yup it's a .gcode compiled in Cura, the same way as I have done previously.
Browser is Google Chrome on Mac OSX.

Hmm - well after trying to print the same file at my FabLab and couldn't because the print head was jammed (Ultimaker 2+), I came home and retried my Anet A8. Connected both the RPi and the Mac to the same switch via EtherNet and voila the file uploaded successfully?
WiFi Issue - How Bizzare!!

Glad you found the issue :slight_smile: