Can't access octopi after installing game from Steam

What is the problem?

Usually I can access Octopi from browser in my PC but no longer works. This happened after I installed a demo game from Steam which during initial setup, a windows firewall window showed up and asked me for permission. I just hit the escape key. Uninstalling the game does not fix the problem.
No problem in accessing Octopi from a Mac.

What did you already try to solve it?

Uninstall the game and rebooted both the PC and the Pi.

Not an issue from octopi.
If the game installer changed firewall settings, since octopi uses the standard port 80, nothing would work. It sounds like maybe a hacked version of a game and not a regular demo version. I have quite a few games from steam on various computers and none of them have caused any issues accessing octoprint

What can I do now?

Hi, still does not work. Anybody knows how to fix this problem?

Are you able to ping the pi?
Try to ping the ip of the pi, octopi.local or octopi.

ping octopi.local from Mac works fine.

ping octopi.local from PC does not work. It says "Destination host unreachable." four times followed by Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss).

'ping octopi' and ping IP address also do not work. They ended up the same error.

You could try to disable the firewall for a few minutes and test if it's really blocking the connection

Based on what I posted, is the problem due to the game somehow changed the firewall setting which blocks the connection between my PC and the Octopi?

Is there another way? I worry that if I disable it for even a few seconds, my machine may get hacked.

Is your Windows computer on Ethernet cable or WiFi ? Same question for the Mac and the Pi.

All Wifi. Before I installed that demo game, all working. After terminating the installation of that game when being asked about Firewall permission, I have the problem.

Definitely sounds like a firewall issue... By the way, disabling the firewall on your computer for a few minutes wouldn't put you at risk...