Can't add user pi to samba


I have installed samba server, and can't add user pi with command: sudo smbpasswd -a pi. It can't find user pi and fails. But when i created another "test" user in linux and then sudo smbpasswd -a test works just fine.
What should I do to solve this problem.

It would help to have a few more details about what OS you have installed :slightly_smiling_face:

Well my fault:
Linux octopi 5.10.17-v7l+ #1421 SMP Thu May 27 14:00:13 BST 2021 armv7l

OctoPrint version : 1.5.2
OctoPi version : 0.18.0

Never mind, somehow it worked today !?! only thing I changed, I run this command with debug level 10 directly in command sudo smbpasswd -D 10 -a pi and success.