Can't close Release Announcement box


The bottom part of the Release Announcement box is outside my screen area, so I cannot close it.
Problem is... if I do not close it I cannot move further in the upgrade proces cause the 'Next' button is hidden behind the box.
I have tried different screen resolutions but even in highest resolution the closing part of the box is still hidden.
Please help.


Had the same happening to me today..... Quick workaround is to press crtl+ scroll to make the ui smaller, close the popup, and ctrl+scroll to go back to 100% size


You can combine the zoom-in with taking the browser to fullscreen mode, perhaps as a workaround.

Also note that many web interfaces allow you to move keyboard focus from one clickable entry to the next via the TAB and SHIFT-TAB keystrokes. Once you think you're on the correct button, SPACE or ENTER should then press that button.

You might want to review the issues area of the repository and see if there is an existing one for this. If not, pasting in a full screenshot could help foosel see what you're seeing.