Cant connect from browser yes from ios to octopi

hello all

( local wifi network)
suddenly i cant connect from browser from mac, i have ip ok, i have ssh ok, it octo pings ok but cant access form OS

i can connect correctly from IOS

The pi connects and has octo screen up and running

what part of the log shows the error?

any other suggestion?


What I'm hearing/guessing:

  • Your iPhone's Safari browser can connect to http://octopi.local when it's connected to your local wifi
  • Your Raspberry Pi 3B which was flashed with the OctoPi 0.17.0 IMG is connected to your 2.4Ghz wifi zone and has received an IPv4 address
  • From your macOS Terminal, you can ping octopi.local and ssh pi@octopi.local
  • From your macOS Safari, you can't reach http://octopi.local

Note how precise I was in indicating what browser was used, what kind of wifi zone, what kind of Pi, what kind of IP address, etc. The better you describe this, the more likely we will be to help you.

  • Try to refresh in your browser

IOS connects to octopi via IP not via http://octopi.local
OS wont connect neither way
ping octopi.local and ssh pi@octopi.local` = ok

it worked fine after installation and a couple of days.
re installed a image after , same issue
using safari and chrome OS
router: airport extreme with static ip for pi 3b+
ipv4 and ipv6 on
2.4 wifi zone


it looks that the issue was dns config on my mac.

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