Cant connect Wifi WPA-Supplicant f*** up

What is the problem?

I have just bought a Raspberry Pi 3+ and i am installing OctoPi on it. Everything runs ok for the install and sets up the wifi and country. Save it, puts it in the Raspberry and nothing happens. When i then pull it out to check if anything is ok in the file. Everything in it is "U"'s and lots of them.

Have tried to reinstall and try to change SSID but cant do anything to get it to work.
Besides that i can't get the normal LAN cable to work, nothing happens when i plug it in. Maybe i do something wrong.

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I get this if i plug in a tv :frowning:

That's your Pi freaking out because it cannot mount its file system from the SD. Try a different SD, this one appears to have issues.

Also, how are you editing the files before placing the card in the Pi? What program, operating system? Can you show us what the "u"s look by giving a screenshot?

Thanks that was the issue, bought a new and now it is rolling :slight_smile:

I am using Notepad++