Can't control printer via octoprint


I got a BBB with a replicape rev b. I can connect to it via kamikaze.local and see the octoprint dashboard.

I configured my printer via this dashboard after which i wanted to test the printer.
However, I can't control anything via this dashboard. The arrows for control are grayed out and the terminal/log window is also grayed out + a 'block' sign on mouse hoover.

I don't quite understand why this is happening since it should be able to be controlled via ethernet only. In the upper left octoprint claims my printer is offline and I can see a Uart connection setup (which obviously doesn't connect).

I'm guessing I missed something in config to configure control via ethernet but I can't seem to find it. Anyone else knows how to fix this? Thanks!


Replicape works such that it presents the printer as a serial connection that OctoPrint then can connect to. If it doesn't connect, that's your problem, it needs to connect. OctoPrint itself currently only supports serial connections, not network connections.


Did not realise that. I'll tinker with it tonight.


Okay so followup, appearently I had to update my EEPROM, after that things started working. Thanks!