Can't get Pi 4B to connect on LAN/WiFi but Raspbian fresh install works fine

Tried imaging Octopi (.17) on a Pi4B two times now and IP doesn't show up in my gateway as a device (can't connect to it).

Next, wiped the SD (64GB) and flashed Raspbian to the Pi and both LAN and WiFi showed up fine in the gateway devices and I could connect (so, confirmed it's not a hardware issue).

After confirming, flashed OctoPi again and LAN isn't showing up again (didn't even attempt WiFi this time to keep the config as base install).

I really don't want to have to setup OctoPi the hard way, but I may have to.

Any recommendations?

also just tired with .18 RC candidate - no joy!

Can you post your network configuration file? X out your personal stuff

I have the same problem