Can't get to web interface on new install

Do I not understand this?

It has taken me 1 week with 3 separate raspberry pi devices to get them to log into my network using the posted/latest octoprint image. Why isn’t “scan_ssid=1” added to the basic instructions?

Now, I can see the octipi on my network. I can SSH into (using Putty) the pi using the IPv4 network address. I can complete the first steps of initializing, however the timezone change always fails.

BUT, I can’t access the octopi via the web interface through any browser I try. Any attempt to reach it simply results in my browser receiving a “download.gz” file. I have no idea what this means or where to go from here.

Any suggestions are welcome,


You might read either of my help repositories on this.

Name resolution

Completed every step in the troubleshooting guide. I can SSH to the rpi through my network. However, I was never able to run the "vcgencmd get_throttled" because it responds: "vcgencmd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I can successfully ping it. Whenever I attempt to connect through any of my browsers, all I get is a file "download.gz" in response. I have no idea what this means.

I have tried using the same card in both a 3 and zeroW. Same exact response.

Other interests beckon. I give up.

Given the error in vcgencmd I think I would start over. Follow the instructions on the OctoPi page or follow one of my tutorials for that.

Note that Etcher is now called BalenaEtcher.