Can't get webcam to work on Ubuntu

I was following this installation guide and it works perfectly for setting up Octoprint:

However, non of the tutorials I found works for setting up the webcam.
In case of this tutorial the problem starts with the packet "libjpeg62-turbo-dev" not being available in Ubuntu (20.04)
I have followed tons of other tutorials, directly from jacksonliam's github page, and several other resources, but neither of them works for different reasons.
Would it be possible to create a dedicated manual?

I once could make this one work:
Install mjpg-streamer on Ubuntu using the Snap Store | Snapcraft but now, when trying to replicate and document all the steps, no joy. The problem doesn't seem to be the webcam, it's rather that mjpg-streamer doesn't start up at all.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

If you are familiar with linux and building from source, I'd recommend switching to uStreamer instead. Even if not, I'd still recommend giving a try at this point since you are already having to try various things to get mjpg-streamer going...

It should be a bit more straightforward to build and get running, although the command line parameters will be a bit different (just check the docs).

I'll give it a try. No harm doing so, since I'm anyway working on a VM which I always reset.
But isn't there any option which works with Ubuntu's packet manager?
I'm not too familiar with building from scratch, but as much as I know this means it will never get updated automatically when I do "apt-get upgrade" and also might stop working as other libraries will be updated. Is that right?

The package names have changed slightly on Ubuntu - instead of libjpeg62-turbo-dev, you can use libjpeg-dev or libjpeg62-dev, that should work...

It should be OK - building mjpg streamer using the initial guide is the same, neither are available through the package manager and are built from source.

I have not been able to get camera streams with ustreamer to work with VirtualBox VMs. I haven't looked into it closely, but it seems that the device is constantly being reset (works fine outside of a VM, BTW).

For you are running OctoPrint within a VirtualBox, you may open a new thread, because this circumstance can need a quite different approach.

The OP said (although it was in a follow up comment) they were using a VM, @paukstelis is being helpful not needing help.

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Ooops - I've overseen that - sorry.

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