Can't login discord server with my existing discord account?

I received the invitation to join OctoPrint discord server (yeah!).

I am already in a few discord channels so I'd like to login OctoPrint discord server with the same discord account so that I can have all of them on the same page.

When I clicked the invitation link, I'm asked to "claim the account". However, when I tried to do so with my existing discord email/password, I got an error message that says "Email is already registered".

Any hint on if/how I can login OctoPrint discord server with my existing account?

I don't know what to do about your error but I made this post invisible for now.
@foosel announced this as soft launch on patreon and I don't know whether she wants this public now or not.

Since the invite link wasn't shared I think we can make this back visible, however I fear I cannot help you here... That seems to be an issue between Discord and your mail address, nothing I have any control over :confused:

No problem. I do realize this has nothing to do with OctoPrint itself. Just hoping that somebody has run into this and solved it. Thank you @foosel @PrintedWeezl for your help! Feel free to make this post invisible again.

Found the solution - just in case other users run into the same.

Instead of directly clicking the invite link, add a server in discord by clicking the "+" sign on the left navigation area. Then copy and paste the invitation link in the pop up and you will be in.

It looks like this is a discord bug that has been there since as early as 2018, lol.