Can't move filamenti step motor


Ho all
I m non ti 3d printing so i hot and used anet A8 that gas some problebs with extruder resistence. I installerà Martin firmware and use octoorint ti makemivment test. All ok but i canti test the step motor ti move the filament. It seems to be an octoprint error because i try to select hotend under control Tab> tool but it don't fix and extrude and retract doesn't work. How to fix that? How to test di stepper motor in octoprint?


Hello @Danilo_Pizzini!

I assume you heated the hotend up before testing the extruder stepper.
Marlin does not allow rotating the extruder stepper with a cold hotend.

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I know that my own printer's firmware won't respond to extrusion/retraction commands if the hotend is below 165C.

Once in a while, the filament may jam inside the hotend assembly. When this happens, all that I do is to heat up the PLA to 210 degrees and it will melt the problem out of there. (This might happen when you switch from one material to another and perhaps some ABS is stuck in there from earlier.)


Thanks all.
I don't know that It doesn't work without heating . I will try After repqir heating connections