Can't open Octoprint using IP in browser

I'm fairly new to all of this but I have flashed an old model B with Octoprint and connected it to my home network and printer, and I can see it on my router. When I paste the IP address into my browser I get a 404 error. Any ideas?

What IP address are you using, the IPv4 or the IPv6 type?

And did you add the port number?

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I'd try using SSH to connect to the RPi. If that works, it allows a larger number of troubleshooting options.

My guess is that he'/she's been issued an IPv6 IP address and they're trying to use that in their browser without surrounding it by square brackets.

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IPV6 is the devil's work !

The devil's work I say !

Seriously. Connect keyboard mouse and monitor to pi

type sudo raspi-config

Select networking

then select normal ip goodness




Profit !


maybe if you are not conected to the same network like your raspberry, on the computer were you tipe the ip adress , you can"t acces it

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