Can't operate my printer after changing the extruder (too long extrusion prevented)

I've changed my printer (mega x) extruder (titan) to a bmg dual drive extruder. now I have the options in reverse (retract for extrude). after changing the extruder steps/mm to a negative value, when I try to extrude I get: Recv: echo: too long extrusion prevented

I don't know how to solve this. Any idea? From what I've heard, anycubic is a pain to change the firmware, and I can't dissassemble the printer rn.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Why would you do this?

I was researching about how to invert the direction of an axis via gcode commands, and it was one of the solutions I found. in the end, I changed the cables order to invert the motor

You could swap stepper motor wires:

Did you change anything else?
If no, then are you sure?

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