Cant reach my octoprint anymore i get fail message


i have installed the plugin telegram and after that i cant reach my octoprint i get message "The OctoPrint server is currently not running"
can i paste the log file here? can i do a factory reset, if yes, how can i do it? thanks in advance
i new to the octopi and and this forum so im so sorry if i asking after help in wrong thread

Hi @shadi_sha!

Yes, you can share the log file here - it's recommended :wink:
Have you tried to restart in safe mode?
If it runs there, disable/delete the telegram plugin and try again in normal mode.

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i cant come in the octoprint gui at all, i get this message when i try to reach octoprint gui "The OctoPrint server is currently not running"

i have unustall now telegram through ssh, but i have still same problem.

i think its something wrong on the config.yml.. can i reset the yml file to default thorugh ssh?
will see how i can upload the log.file

Ewald gave you a link. Follow that. It has a section for what to do if the interface doesn't come up. (It involves editing the config.yaml file.)