Can't Save in Octoprint Settings version 1.3.8


I updated to 1.3.8; works fine. BUT, in the Octoprint settings, the "Save" button just has the little spinning wheel indicating it's doing something and pressing it does nothing. Basically, I can't save anything I do in Octoprint Settings. My webcam does work, but because settings is locked, I can't get any new plugins working, etc.

Any ideas?

I'm accessing Octoprint via Google Chrome on a Mac. Didn't have this problem with the last version. Rebooted the Pi3, etc. No change.


I think I would check the file settings in the ~/.octoprint folder itself.

ls -l ~/.octoprint

OctoPrint runs under the control of the default pi user. The config.yaml file should be owned by pi for it to be modified when you hit Save.


I'm having the same problem, with version 1.3.9. I can change some things in Settings and then save, but if I change anything in the "Intervals and Timeouts" tab, when I click on Save, nothing happens. (Normally Save will close the Settings pop-up).

I checked the permissions on config.yaml and it looks correct.


Known bug, to be fixed in 1.3.10. Until then you'll have to edit the timeouts manually via config.yaml.