Can't see IP address. Wish to have auto dhcp


What is the problem?

Can't see the IP address.
Wired connection

What did you already try to solve it?

Angry IP scanner
Plug a screen
Changing the code

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)

Octoprint 0.16
Leapfrog creatr dual
Wired connection
I want the server to automatically give an address to the printer

Thanks in advance


Show us the output of ifconfig and any files you've changed.


Hi @Rafael_Brunet,
if you have a HDMI monitor/TV, connect it to the Pi and restart again. At the end of the start sequence, you should given your actual IP address. Like this:

If nothing appears, check your OctoPi installation on your SD card. (Just burn it with Etcher, no formatting).

@tedder42: how should he run ifconfig, when he has no IP address to log into SSH? :wink:


With a keyboard and monitor.


It seems so: Point to you! :+1:
The simple step I already mentioned in the same post... :wink:


I have connected on nothing appears in that area except http://octopi.local, which doesn't work.
Note: I'm on my school network which is why i can't have a static address
I'll be sending the ifconfig Saturday.
I'm now running an untouched 0.16 version.

Thanks for your help


Keep in mind that depending on how restrictive your school's network is setup, it might not allow unknown devices to connect to it and you'll first need to register your Pi's MAC with your network administrator (if they even allow it on their network).


@foosel network restriction is I can't have a static ip address

Here's the picture after login:

and here's the if config:

Thanks a lot


Assuming that it's a wired connection and it's plugged in, the DHCP server didn't issue you an IP address. Check the LEDs on the Pi.


Yes it is wired. One LED is red and steady. One is green and flahing at first and then stops.
How can i make the dhcp issue an IP address.


Well, yes... there are two LEDs on that end of the Pi. The red one means "power", the one next to it means "activity". Turn it around and look under the RJ45 jack. The link light is on the left side and the Ethernet activity light is on the right. You're looking for a link light here which means that you're physically connected to an Ethernet hub and the hub has allowed you to link in.

It doesn't mean that the DHCP server likes you. The link light just means that you've taken the first step to get there. As foosel mentioned, in some cases you need I.T. to bless your computer by adding its Ethernet MAC address (B8:27:EB:40:39:8C) into their server.

When the DHCP server has issued you an IP address, the word RUNNING will show up in that first line of flags.


Ok great i'll look that wednesday.

Thank you very much


Can i use this
and change eth0 to iface eth0 inet dhcp


That should be unnecessary. Raspbian "out of the box" already is set for DHCP on both network adapters, the default.