Can't use a different domain to another webapp on Octopi


What is the problem?
I have 2 sub-domains:
octopi.test -> for octopit , works perfectly
other.test -> for an nodejs app (use the localhost:3000)

Someone can help me with HaProxy or something ?
I don't really understand the redirect process of this stuff ^^'

when I try it redirect me on the octopi instance

What did you already try to solve it?
Used the magic of google, and used the search function in this great forum :slight_smile:

Last stable release

Have a nice day (or night) :slight_smile:


What's the primary domain? is what it sounds like from your description.

Then it sounds like you have two DNS A records: and Are these both the same server/host?

Try ping with a period at the end.
Try ping with a period at the end.

Honestly, the main instance of OctoPrint runs from ports 80, 5000 (and if there's a camera, possibly 8080 as well). If this is on the same server, then there's no reason to use DNS at all, 3000 should be able to co-exist nicely as