Change network name and password


I moved my 3d printer just outside my WIFI range and added an extender. Now I need to know how to access my PI3 running Octopi and change network settings. I'm running Version 1.3.9 Octopi it's running an Anet A8. I am not a Linux enthusiast and don't know much about it.


Were you able to access your printer before you moved it outside your WiFi range?

How is the extender configured? If it clones the SSID and password from your original WiFi, then you shouldn't need to do anything.

OctoPi is the operating system and OctoPrint is the application. Both have version numbers and the version number you posted is for OctoPrint. We will need the OctoPi version as well.

If you originally configured the OctoPi network by editing a file on the boot partition of the (micro)SD card, then you can do the same thing to modify the network parameters. The name of the file to edit differs depending on the OctoPi version number.


SOLVED After hours of wanting to rip my hair out reformatting and installing octiprint on my SD card I found out the USB0 didn't detect anything because the USB cord has slipped out about .5 mm. It looked in but every so slightly pressing on the top brought the whole thing to life. I would remove my original question but maybe someone can learn from it. MAKE SURE ALL YOUR CONNECTIONS ARE GOOD.