Change Octoprint ports

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Please could someone help me, I have my flashforge creator pro working great on my raspberry pi with Octoprint and webcam and I would like to put my creality cr-10s on my spare spare raspberry pi with Octoprint and webcam on the same network please could someone explain how to change the ports so I can assign a static ip address and also do remote monitoring like I did with my creator pro, I use printoid to remote monitor it works great with octoprint I just need to know how to change the ports.

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You don’t need to change the port OctoPrint is running on to control two instances on two different raspberry pi computers. Each will have a different ip address on the network.

If you are talking about port forwarding to control OctoPrint from outside your network, you still don’t need to change the port that OctoPrint runs on, but it is not recommended to use portforwarding to make your OctoPrint installation accessible through the web so I won’t help you with that.

I think you are looking to change the hostname (octopi). The following is from , See item 3:

Log into your Pi via SSH (it is located at  `octopi.local` [if your computer supports bonjour]( or the IP address assigned by your router), 
default username is "pi", 
default password is "raspberry". 
Run  `sudo raspi-config` 
Once that is open:

1. Change the password via "Change User Password"
2. Optionally: Change the configured timezone via "Localization Options" > "Timezone".
3. Optionally: Change the hostname via "Network Options" > "Hostname". Your OctoPi instance will then no longer be reachable under  `octopi.local`  but rather the hostname you chose postfixed with  `.local` , so keep that in mind.

You can navigate in the menus using the arrow keys and Enter. To switch to selecting the buttons at the bottom use Tab.

You do not need to expand the filesystem, current versions of OctoPi do this automatically.
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Thank you.