Change time on Pi with Octoprint installed

Hi All,

Newbie here.

Running Octoprint on Pi 3 B+ to Ender 3.

The time indicated when print will be done is wrong, so I think I need to change the clock on the Pi?

For example, at 7a, it says it will take one hour to print, with ETA indicated at 1p.

Pretty sure this is coming from "detailed progress" plugin?

Thank you in advance for your help!

You either login to the Pi via SSH or you connect a monitor and keybord to the Pi.
Then you can reach raspi-config:

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Thank you!

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Note that print time estimates have historically been wildly inaccurate in many cases. If it turns out that the time (actually, the time zone) on your RPi is correct, then you may be seeing this inaccuracy.