Changing Printers, What do i have to do to OctoPrint?

I am running my BIQU B1 great on OctoPrint, but will be changing my printer to a Prusa very soon (Due this week from Prusa)

Can i just unplug the B1 and plug in the Prusa and do some settings in OctoPrint? or do i have to start the OctoPrint Process all over again?


Hello @Wasp056 !

Exactly: Plug off - plug on and create a new printer profile. You may have to adapt a few plugins, eg. BedVisualizer.

You may also delete all the gcode files from the B1. They may not work with the Prusa.

But what's about another Pi to control both printers? Or is the B1 leaving you?

Thank You Ewald for your response. The B1 is leaving the building to help finance the Prusa, these Orange things don't come cheap LOL!!

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