CLI control to pause and resume printing


Does anybody know of a CLI way to control the printing? I already know about the octoprint client stuff to get information. But, is there away to pause the printing?

Overall objective

I looking to connecting it to my UPS so that it will pause a print if it detects a power outage and then resume when power gets restored.

You can do this via the REST API.

Any help on that? I'm not the Dev type to play nice with APIs.

Showing my ignorance again but what is this?

It's the CLI for Octoprint. It's a bit limited unless you're the know-how dev type. I use it to "get" information. Getting it to "do" something is a bit of a dark area.

OctoPrint client in the source:

It's not updated all that much. Probably not much interest in maintaining it within OctoPrint, it's not touched frequently. A 3rd party solution would probably be a better option, since it could be maintained outside of the core application. :man_shrugging: as long as it works!